Infor Libraries V-smart

Integrated Library System

Your library can benefit from Infor™ Libraries’ end-to-end automation solutions. Your staff can more easily manage resources of any kind and deliver excellent service to the public.

What is Infor Libraries V-smart?

With Infor Libraries V-smart, you’ll have a comprehensive solution for managing and showcasing collections of any kind. You’ll be able to easily manage both traditional and digital items, including books, journals, audio materials, photographs, e-journals, e-books, web resources, and more, because Infor Libraries V-smart is format independent. Your staff will experience Infor Libraries V-smart’s user-centric design as a flexible and convenient way to manage your library's functions—from acquisitions, to circulation, cataloguing, and reporting.

Infor has helped libraries like yours to:

• Better manage all operations, including circulation, cataloguing, acquisitions, serials management, and reporting.

• Manage customer relationships and gain key performance data and metrics to support decision making at all levels.

• Provide access to resources and deliver a rich and interactive online experience to users.

• Extend services through interoperability with additional systems such as RFID units, payment stations, sorting systems, and more.


V-smart, Infor’s web-based integrated library system (ILS)

With Infor Libraries V-smart, Infor’s web-based ILS, libraries like yours can experience the benefits of a browser-based environment. Benefit from Infor Libraries V-smart’s modules, which include Circulation, Cataloguing, Acquisitions, Serials, and Reporting. Your staff will have convenient and easy access to all system functions with a visually appealing and customizable interface.



• Use integrated modules for cataloguing, circulation, acquisitions, and serials management.

• Experience a visually appealing and dynamic interface with Infor Libraries V smart’s user-friendly look and feel.

• Easily deploy and maintain Infor Libraries V-smart, because all of the application logic is located on the server and no client software needs to be installed.

• Run Infor Libraries V-smart on any client platform that supports Internet Explorer® or Mozilla Firefox® because of Infor Libraries V-smart’s client-side platform independence.

• Customize the HTML-only interface using cascading style sheets (CSS).

• Run the server on Linux, UNIX®, and Windows® systems.

• Benefit from an open platform architecture that allows access to the system’s core data via a flexible set of web services, on top of traditional ODBC/SQL access.

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