Inventory and Distribution Management

Award-winning ACCTivate! is the inventory and business management solution that customers globally use to gain control and visibility across their business and supply chain, while equipping the entire company with business management tools - all at an affordable price.

ACCTivate! is built with all the features & power needed to manage inventory, vendors, customers and your business - and designed to be easy enough to use by anyone across your entire company. Seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks, ACCTivate! provides the best user experience possible, whether in the cloud or on premise. 


Key Benefits of ACCTivate!

Supply chain and inventory management

Packed with inventory management capabilities, ACCTivate! is the premiere solution for supply chain management with inventory control, warehousing, advanced purchasing management, multi-currency, barcoding, mobile computing, order fulfillment and EDI and advanced features such as multi-level BOM, forecasting tools, kitting, assemblies, lot & serial number tracking, multi-location warehouse management, and more.


Business visibility and management

ACCTivate! brings your company together in a single system – management, purchasing, warehousing, sales, marketing, shipping, and customer service – increasing productivity and enabling real-time access & visibility across your entire business. 

From decision support tools to dashboards to business activity management & alerting, ACCTivate! has the tools that enable every member of the organization to gain the knowledge they need to make better decisions.


Sales and customer management

Great customer service is mandatory in today’s competitive world of business and delivering great customer services requires quick, accurate and consistent communication throughout the sales process, from prospect to post-sales service. 

Regardless of how many ways customers may communicate with your company – online, offline, by phone, fax, mail order, eCommerce, telephone orders, and/or from a catalog - ACCTivate! manages and tracks the sales process, sales orders and service requests, including follow-up activities, returns handling, and escalations.

And, sometimes good customers get behind.  ACCTivate!’s integrated credit and collections management tools improve cash flow, reduce the risk of bad debt and promote prompt customer payment.


A solution built to last

Growing businesses need to know the inventory and business management solution they implement today will provide long-lasting benefits as they continue to grow into the future.

ACCTivate!'s flexible and scalable design allows businesses to achieve a solution that is a perfect fit for their unique needs, delivering exactly what your business needs, when & how you need it. Built to handle virtually unlimited staff, whether locally or globally, ACCTivate! easily expands to grow with your business and capabilities can be extended without major system changes.

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