Fleet Management & Tracking

FleetMaster is a robust fleet management and tracking system suitable for all sizes and fleet types starting from a couple of vehicles and up to owning entire distribution lines of thousands of vehicles.


FleetMaster helps you at first in creating your database of every single vehicle you own in terms of the basic information about the vehicle, its designated driver(s) as well as the geographical location(s) it serves. With FleetMaster, you will have a detailed vehicle profile containing all records in regards to model, trip records, accident reports, maintenance alerts and dynamically manage the assigning of driver(s) to the vehicle.

Through FleetMaster, you can create different garages with specific fleet managers and assign any number of vehicles under each garage and fleet manager for you to group all your fleet lines of travel to suit your exact fleet’s geographical structure. With FleetMaster, you can also obtain the extra feature of doing Access Control for your garages through RFID technology.

Through FleetMaster, you can have complete visibility over the track record of the vehicle in terms of : trips history, accumulated mileage, and performance & maintenance needs.

By going for FleetMaster+, you can add anti-theft and GPS-based fleet tracking capabilities to each of your vehicles by adding the GPS/GPRS-based vehicle tracking device to track and protect your vehicles from theft or unauthorized use. The GPS/GPRS tracking and anti-theft function is provided through administration privileges granted to specific fleet operation manager(s) according to your management decision.

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