Who We Are?

The Cloud Company of choice

Automation Consultants, established in 1985, and operating from the vibrantcity of Cairo in Egypt, is a cloud-based IT services and software products provider and  serving both the public and private sectors for decades.


Products & Services

Serving the Private, Public and Governmental Sectors since 1985

Automation Business Cloud (ABC)

Automation Business Cloud (ABC) is a market place for your business applications needs. Automation Consultants offer enterprise software applications in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS) or as a license.
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Automation Tools Cloud (ATC)

Automation Tools Cloud is a comprehensive marketplace containing general purpose applications and tools that are commonly used by businesses and organizations in their day-to-day operations.
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Consultancy Services

Professional Services

The challenge facing the "Clients" is clear: development of the next generation IT SYSTEMS that are able to deal with the complexities of business coverage in order to enable the "Clients" to undertake the tasks entrusted to them and achieve the reform program goals. Certainly an important part of the answer calls for the implementation of a comprehensive IT consultancy services to support "Clients" ambitions and anticipations for the forthcoming phase, but also to be capable of dealing with changes as well as any future requirements.

The challenge is to create a secure, highly functional service IT SYSTEMS; capable of    representing the branding of the "Clients" and delivering a personal touch to the IT SYSTEMS users.

The change process should be orchestrated by concrete information strategy and implementation plans that translate the sense of direction and knowledge of the start point into a roadmap. This roadmap must indicate both long term and short term actions and IT resources allocation.

The most important key to ensuring success is to rely upon a fully competent IT partner to take in charge this mandate.

We have the honor to submit our Consultancy Services for the "Clients" to undertake the task to formulate the IT Systems diagnostic study.

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Professional Services

Automation Consultants offers and provides a comprehensive set of IT Professional Services. Automation Consultants is a leading consultancy and professional services provider to the governmental, public and private sectors in Egypt and the Middle East since 1985.

List of Professional Services offered

  1. IT Consultancy Services
  2. Software Tailoring and Customization
  3. Application Software Implementation Support
  4. Technical Support
  5. Application Software Arabization: The Development of an Arabic Version of an Application Software

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Expert Systems

Automation Consultants offers and provides Expert Systems that are built and operate on top notch layers of business expert systems as well as on the highest levels of technology automation architectures. Automation Consultants provides the telecommunications and internet services providers (ISPs) with a leading edge

Expert system: Mobila’s Carrier Cost Control System. The Expert System of Mobila enables telecommunications and internet service providers to reduce and optimize all third party-associated cost elements that are related and tied to interconnectivity and gross margins.
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