Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

The Challenge 

The challenge facing the clients is clear: development of the next generation IT Systems that are able to deal with the complexities of business coverage in order to enable the clients to undertake the tasks entrusted to them and achieve the reform program goals. Certainly an important part of the answer calls for the implementation of a comprehensive IT consultancy services to support the clients' ambitions and anticipations for the forthcoming phase, but also to be capable of dealing with changes as well as any future requirements.

The challenge is to create a secure, highly functional service IT Systems capable of representing the branding of the clients and delivering a personal touch to the IT Systems users.

The change process should be orchestrated by concrete information strategy and implementation plans that translate the sense of direction and knowledge of the start point into a roadmap. This roadmap must indicate both long term and short term actions and IT resources allocation.

The most important key to ensuring success is to rely upon a fully competent IT partner to take in charge this mandate.


The Solution 

We have the honor to submit our Consultancy Services for the clients to undertake the task to formulate the IT Systems diagnostic study.

Automation Consultants has successfully terminated more than 400 contract assignments in its long history. Among these are consultancy services and implementation of integrated solutions for: IT Systems (Financial management, Material management, HR management, Equipment management, …) E-portals, Data Warehousing, Decision Support Systems, Information Banks, Enterprise Document and Content Management, Imaging and Electronic Archiving Systems, Transaction and Workflow Systems, GIS, and others.

Automation Consultants has successfully terminated many large scale consultancy projects that comprise: Needs Assessment, Business Strategy Planning, IT Strategy Planning, IT Governance, IT Auditing, Disaster Recovery Plan, Business Process Reengineering, RFP Preparation, Bids Evaluation and Supervising the Implementation of IT Contracts.